Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is Versity’s first generation large scale archive data management tool for cost-effectively protecting extensive data collections on any mix of storage devices and cloud services.


VSM was commercially deployed in 2013 and is currently managing over one exabyte of mission critical data across a wide range of public and private sector industry verticals. Customers range in size from small enterprises to the Fortune 50.

How VSM Works

VSM interfaces with existing enterprise business applications and backup solutions through a standard POSIX file system interface, making it easy to expose low-cost archival storage resources to end-users. Rich and flexible archive policies optimize the data flow both in and out of cloud storage services and archival storage devices such as tape libraries, disk arrays, and on-premise object storage systems.

VSM’s ability to broker data across a diverse mix of archival storage systems enables customers to optimize performance, reliability and cost factors for different data types.

Your Path Forward for OHSM

If your organization faces the end of life for OHSM or your Solaris infrastructure, Versity supports a zero data migration conversion from OHSM to VSM with full backward compatibility for OHSM data formats. 

VSM and OHSM share the same original code base – Sun’s SAM-QFS. This allows VSM to restore OHSM metadata dump files and read OHSM archival data. Converting from OHSM to VSM is fully supported, and easy to accomplish with zero data migration and minimal training.


Hybrid Cloud

VSM supports S3 and Azure cloud copies enabling the use of public cloud storage for primary or disaster recovery data.


Worm Write Once Read Many immutability protection is supported for banking and other verticals that rely upon WORM functionality.

Rise to the challenge

Connect with Versity today to find out how we can tailor a solution to keep your organization’s data safe and accessible as you advance your mission.