Dell Technologies Powers Versity’s Solution for Mass Storage.

Dell Technologies Powers Versity’s Solution for Cold Storage.

An OEM Engineered Solution for Mass Storage by Versity and Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies and Versity have partnered to provide turnkey data management solutions tailored to the growing need for petabyte and exabyte scale cold storage systems. This Dell OEM engineered solution brings together Versity’s next-generation mass storage platform with Dell’s world-class server and storage offerings.

Turnkey Solution

This flexible turnkey solution is easy for customers to order, deploy and operate. It combines fully validated and tested Dell hardware components, Dell delivery and integration services, and Versity’s ScoutAM software for a truly integrated solution.

Modular Design

This Dell OEM Engineered Solution is tailored to individual customer requirements for performance and capacity using modular components that are fully validated and easy to expand as demands grow over time.

Streamlined Purchasing

It is simple to configure and procure both the software platform and hardware from Dell Technologies or a Dell Authorized reseller almost anywhere in the world, with a variety of delivery, installation and support models available.

Dell and Versity present efficient mass storage for cloud-scale archival data collections

Unstructured data collections generated by IoT, scientific, engineering, media, surveillance and AI applications are growing exponentially, stressing traditional storage architectures and IT budgets. Versity and Dell are here to help by providing a simple, powerful and cost efficient tool to manage and preserve that data.

Our OEM engineered solution provides:

  • On-premises glacier infrastructure for ultra-efficient unstructured data preservation
  • Secondary storage for data lake platforms with low-cost cold storage functionality
  • Highly differentiated replacement for legacy systems including IBM HPSS, HPE DMF, Oracle OHSM and Quantum StorNext Storage Manager

Overcome the data deluge with Versity Scout AM and Dell ECS

ECS, the leading object storage platform from Dell Technologies, boasts unmatched scalability, performance, resilience and economics. It’s the perfect match for Versity’s Scale Out Archive Manager (ScoutAM), our software-defined mass storage platform for protecting and managing petabyte- to exabyte-scale data collections.


  • High performance data ingest, capable of ingesting and writing data at over 50 GB/sec
  • Storage capacities greater than one exabyte
  • Automated and highly configurable policy engine
  • Copy brokerage service to reach hybrid storage end points, including object, file, tape storage private cloud and public cloud
  • Mix-and-match storage options featuring ECS object storage as well as options for PowerScale (file), tape and public cloud for mass storage; PowerVault for cache storage; and PowerEdge for service nodes

How it Works

ScoutAM ingests file and object data from primary data sources, establishes persistent metadata records, groups data and automatically brokers that data to a composable mix of mass storage devices and services such as public cloud, private cloud, disk and tape storage systems.

Ranging from 60 TB to 11.5 PB of capacity in a single rack, ECS comes in several appliance form factors including HDD and all-flash-based systems ideal for analytics and modern application workflows.

ECS also provides rich S3-compatibility on a globally distributed architecture, empowering organizations to support enterprise workloads such as cloud-native, archive, IoT, AI and big data analytics applications at scale.

Designing your mass storage solution with Dell and Versity

Through a deep technical and business partnership, Versity and Dell Technologies are able to provide joint solutions for businesses that need high performance, secure data management solutions. Whether it is completely on-premises or spans into the cloud, Versity’s ScoutAM solution with Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers, PowerVault Block Storage and Dell ECS Elastic Cloud Storage, plus support for third-party tape storage systems provides complete data management solutions for high-performance computing and other data centric commercial verticals.


Dell and Versity work with customers to understand capacity and performance requirements and then configure a balanced solution using the standard modular hardware building blocks described below.

Server Nodes
Each ScoutAM solution will typically include one, three or five ScoutAM server nodes, which provide for high availability and performance scaling. ScoutAM servers are responsible for managing all the data within a ScoutAM solution and provide access to data using one or more front-end interfaces, including a native POSIX file system interface, NFS or Samba for network sharing, or an S3 object storage interface.

Example Dell hardware: Dell PowerEdge R750
Typical quantity: 1-10

Metadata Storage
The metadata device stores filesystem information about the data that is managed by ScoutAM. For example: file names, path names, permissions, rich metadata, number of copies, and data copy locations. The metadata collection is persistent and remains online at all times. The typical RAID configuration is RAID10. The Metadata storage is optimized for IOPS performance.

Example Dell hardware: Dell PowerVault ME5024 (SSD) for metadata
Typical capacity: 2-10 TB Usable

Primary Cache
The primary cache is the landing zone for all data that is managed by ScoutAM. The primary cache is temporary storage that is optimized for streaming throughput to and from mass storage devices.

Example Dell hardware: Dell PowerVault ME5024 (SSD or HDD) for data
Typical capacity: 100-500 TB

Extended Cache
The extended cache is an optional feature and is most helpful for solutions that include tape or off-premise mass storage where recall times may be too long for users and applications. The extended cache is a cost efficient and easily expandable storage component that augments the primary cache.

Example Dell hardware: Dell ECS (HDD)
Typical capacity: 1-5 PB

Mass Storage
The mass storage is the long term low cost bulk data storage component. This is either disk-based private cloud storage, public cloud storage, or an on-premises tape subsystem. ScoutAM supports any combination of mass storage options within a single hybrid system.

Example Dell hardware: Dell ECS (HDD)
Typical capacity: 5 PB – 5 Exabyte

Reference Architecture

How can Dell and Versity help?

Never let data storage costs limit your potential. We want to help your organization meet its data storage challenges head on and allocate more resources to its core mission.

Versity is a Dell OEM Engineered Solution partner, so you can procure the ScoutAM platform and all the Dell hardware components you need in one place. Connect with us today, and find out what our long-term data management solution can do for you.