About Versity

Versity is an independent, software-defined mass storage company focused on rapid innovation and long-term growth. We build scalable, modular and efficient exabyte-scale data storage solutions and aggressively invest in new technology. Our customer-friendly business model, exclusive focus on mass storage and highly rated customer support set us apart from the legacy storage vendors.

Our Customers

Our customers leverage Versity to implement affordable, large-scale data preservation strategies using archival storage that enables them to store data in both on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. Versity serves customers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and Oceania, including public and private entities in all major industry verticals – with a particular focus on national security.

Our Origin Story

In 2011, Versity co-founders Bruce Gilpin and Harriet Coverston chose to build an independent storage technology company with a focus on long-term stability and growth. Versity is a closely held private company that has grown steadily and built a self-sustaining foundation of loyal subscribers. The company has raised no venture capital and remains founder and employee controlled to this day. The growth and evolution of the business has been funded and guided exclusively by our wonderful customers and our brilliant engineers.

Versity Does Business Differently

Reliable, customer-friendly business practices

Versity has purposely rejected the established licensing practices that are prevalent in our industry. All of our business practices are designed to reinforce trust with our customers:

  • Open source data formats
  • Perpetual “read only” license
  • Open exit clause in subscription agreement
  • Direct support model

Focused, agile development practices

For the past five years, Versity has maintained an average software release cadence of two weeks. We run an agile DevOps environment that is highly responsive to the needs of the installed base. A modern codebase enables the rapid development of new features and the ability to test and release them safely.

Independent, long-term growth model

Versity is the only 100% independent founder-managed and employee-controlled company in the mass storage industry. No investor or big company manager can change our priorities, budgets, third-party hardware support or staffing. Our independence ensures that we are free to act in our customers’ best interests and always remain focused on our vision.

Sound Like a Mission You Can Get Behind?

We are looking to grow our team with self-motivated team players with an appetite for new technology.