Versity Gateway

The Versity Gateway serves as a bridge between file based storage systems and applications that rely on S3 object interfaces. It enables applications to interact with file storage using familiar S3 operations like put and get, allowing for easy integration and compatibility. Built from scratch in Go, a highly efficient programming language known for its performance and scalability, the Versity Gateway leverages Go’s benefits to deliver exceptional speed and efficiency.


  • The Versity Gateway is designed to meet the community’s need for a reliable open source, high-performance object to file translation tool
  • It provides seamless file storage capabilities for S3-based applications, enabling compatibility with file based storage systems and offering scalability for demanding workloads
  • The Versity Gateway is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source project
  • Collaborators include Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre
  •  Versity invites the community to contribute to the Versity Gateway’s development, growth, and enhancement

Benefits of the
Versity Gateway


Multiple Versity Gateway instances may be deployed in a cluster to increase aggregate throughput. The Versity Gateway’s stateless architecture allows any request to be serviced by any gateway thereby distributing workloads and enhancing performance. Load balancers may be used to evenly distribute requests across the cluster of gateways for optimal performance.

High Performance

The Versity Gateway utilizes Fiber, a lightweight and high-performance HTTP server framework, to handle incoming requests. Compared to older web frameworks like gorilla/mux, Fiber offers improved performance, resulting in faster processing and response times.

Modular Backend Support

The Versity Gateway currently supports generic POSIX file backend storage and Versity’s ScoutFS filesystem. The system has been designed with modularity in mind, making it easy for the community to add additional backend storage systems in the future.

Open Source

As an Apache 2.0 licensed open source project, the Versity Gateway encourages the community to contribute to its development, growth, and enhancement. The project’s source code is available to the public and can be accessed via its GitHub repository at Versity welcomes contributions and patch requests from the community.

Easy to Use and Deploy

The ease of use and quick deployment not only save valuable time and effort but also eliminate potential obstacles often associated with complex system installations.


 As an Apache 2.0 licensed open source project, the Versity Gateway is freely available to the public. The source code can be accessed and downloaded from the project’s GitHub repository at Versity welcomes contributions and patch requests from the community, encouraging collaboration and fostering improvement.

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ScoutAM Optimizations

The Versity Gateway integrates effortlessly with ScoutAM, Versity’s commercial mass storage data management product. This combination allows users to store, retrieve, and manage large volumes of data across different storage systems, thereby simplifying data management workflows. The integration of Versity Gateway and ScoutAM delivers enhanced performance, capabilities, and scalability while ensuring seamless access from both file and object workflows.

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