Reduce your storage spend with a private cloud solution from Versity and Spectra Logic

Lower storage spending and improve security with an air-gapped, private cloud solution with faster data access and no egress fees.

The Versity and SpectraLogic partnership leverages the proven strengths of Versity’s ScoutAM software and SpectraLogic’s tape libraries, offering a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale data management. The on-premises solution eliminates egress fees and ensures cost predictability and transparency, a significant advantage over cloud-based alternatives. This collaboration provides users with a field-tested, powerful solution for data archiving and storage, ideal for sectors with substantial data volumes and retention needs. It delivers a robust and adaptable system for complex data storage challenges.

Cutting-Edge Performance

Maximize your hardware investment with throughput measured in multiple GB/s, with our system’s high throughput, achieving speeds in the tens of GB/s by utilizing multiple drives in parallel for efficient, high-performance data transfer.

Cost Efficient

Lower your cloud spending! Eliminate egress fees and reduce the need for additional storage resources without sacrificing data protection or accessibility. System costs can be up to 10x less than cloud storage, and are transparent and fully predictable.

Secure Data

Data is air gapped for protection from unauthorized access and cyber threats, while maintaining convenient accessibility to data when needed.

Key Benefits

Cost-Efficient Cold Storage

Lower costs than cloud storage! The integration of Versity’s ScoutAM and Spectra Logic’s tape libraries offers a cost-effective solution for data storage, eliminating the concern of egress fees and hidden charges typically associated with cloud services. This enhances overall affordability, particularly for organizations managing large volumes of data.

High-Performance Tape

The ScoutAM and Spectra Logic solution is engineered for optimal performance and scalability. It is capable of efficiently managing vast data volumes, reaching hundreds of petabytes, and handling billions of files and hard links with ease. This system ensures rapid data access across diverse workflows and various data types, meeting the demands of high-capacity storage environments. Archive throughput measured in GB/s, utilizing multiple drives in parallel, which results in high-performance throughput to cost-efficient media.

User-Friendly and Simple to Operate

The system is designed for easy installation and operation. Its user-friendly setup ensures a smooth integration into existing environments, minimizing the need for extensive technical expertise. File and S3 data are presented in the same namespace, eliminating the need to know which data is where. The intuitive nature of the system streamlines the running and maintenance processes, making it an accessible solution for a wide range of users, applications, and administrators.

Safe and Secure

The integration ScoutAM and Spectra Logic tape libraries ensures top-notch security, safeguarding data against unauthorized access and cyber threats. This robust combination offers a secure and reliable environment for data storage, keeping sensitive information safe and well-protected.

Built for Extreme Scale

The Versity and Spectra Logic solution is particularly adept at supporting exascale and extreme scale data and file counts. The integrated solution is designed to handle the enormous volumes of data and high file counts typical in today’s data-intensive environments, making it suitable for organizations dealing with large-scale, unstructured, complex data sets.

Versity’s ScoutAM enhances the Spectra Logic TFinity ExaScale tape library by providing a seamless file system and S3 interface. This integration facilitates fast and easy access to data, even at an extreme scale, ensuring efficient data management and retrieval. The combination of ScoutAM’s user-friendly interface and high performance with TFinity ExaScale’s vast storage capacity offers an effective solution for handling large-scale data efficiently.

Reference Architecture

Your Path Forward for OHSM

Quickly and easily replace your OHSM system with a best-of-breed combination of software and hardware. ScoutAM can restore SAM-QFS or OHSM dump files and immediately begin reading and writing data on existing tape or disk systems. Along with Versity’s ability to take over existing data with no data migration, Spectra Logic can take existing Oracle’s media (T10000x and LTO) and put them directly into a Spectra Logic TFinity tape library, providing a full replacement solution for your antiquated and unsupported current solution.

No Migration Needed

Simply dump metadata, move media to an automated Spectra tape library, then ingest metadata to a new ScoutAM cluster. 

Proven Partnership

Versity and Spectra have been integrated for over a decade with numerous joint customers around the world.

Limitless Scalability

Never outgrow your solution with Versity and Spectra. Provide limitless capacity and retention, delivering a solution built for the future.


Administrators familiar with OHSM will find managing the system straightforward, requiring minimal additional training. Users will not only retain their existing access options but also benefit from enhanced new methods and features, improving their overall experience.

OHSM Conversion
Key Benefits

Rise to the Challenge

Connect with Versity today to find out how we can tailor a solution to keep your organization’s data safe and accessible as you advance your mission.