Tailored Mass Storage Solutions

Versity offers site-specific mass storage solutions for a wide range of industry verticals with one thing in common: they face a potentially overwhelming amount of incoming data, with more on the way. Versity addresses storage performance and cost efficiency so these organizations can deploy IT resources for the greatest strategic advantage and value.

High Performance for Advanced Applications

High Performance Computing and Big Data

Big HPC simulations and science projects generate large data sets which need to be processed downstream and protected for the long term. Versity solutions conserve valuable, high-cost parallel filesystem resources by providing an easily accessed secondary location for large data sets like checkpoints on lower-cost storage resources, including object storage and tape.

National Security

Versity maintains a substantial presence in the national security vertical, managing extreme-scale data collections with the most rigorous security, preservation and availability requirements. The Versity platform can provide an air gap storage option for high-security enclaves.

Financial Services

Versity supports advanced data retention and immutability features like WORM that are crucial for the intense regulatory environment at large banks and financial institutions. Hybrid systems with backup data written into the mass storage platform are needed for scalability and efficient handling of extremely large backup sets. Versity archiving includes features for quickly locating and satisfying even the most difficult regulatory and compliance requests.

Oil and Gas Exploration

Due to the volume of data produced by newer generations of echolocation sensors, exploration data is very costly to collect and difficult to store. Not to mention, the oil and gas industry is always under intense competitive pressure to drive down costs. Mass storage systems like ScoutAM that offer high performance at the absolute lowest cost per TB are an ideal fit for oil and gas workloads.

Long-Term Archive Solutions for Data-Driven Industries

Autonomous Driving

With hundreds of sensors onboard, a single vehicle can produce terabytes of data each day. Some autonomous driving sites produce over two petabytes of new data each day from their fleets. Cost efficiency is crucial at this level of data production, and so is the scalability of the overall solution. Autonomous driving sites benefit from a low-cost, high-performance data management platform like ScoutAM.


Each new generation of satellites is equipped with dramatically enhanced sensors generating exponentially larger amounts of data. In geospatial applications there is often no second opportunity to capture temporal or location data, so protection copies are vital. Operational log data from satellites is also extremely valuable and important to preserve. Versity’s mass storage platform is well suited to both rapid ingest and long-term data retention.

Life Sciences

Modern lab equipment produces orders of magnitudes more data than systems that were deployed just a few years earlier. From sequencing data to chemical structure information, data-intensive instruments, methods and applications are proliferating. To manage the data in a cost-effective manner, organizations are moving toward cloud-scale mass storage systems like ScoutAM.

Media and Entertainment

4k and 5k resolutions, along with advances in special effects technology, have dramatically increased storage costs in the media and entertainment industry. Mass storage systems with cloud-scale efficiency and performance are needed to replace legacy storage systems. Long-term preservation of valuable media assets is also an imperative in the media and entertainment field.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications are growing rapidly. These tools create value when they have access to diverse cloud-scale data repositories. The ScoutAM platform supports AI and ML workloads by efficiently storing exabyte scale data sets on a composable mix of storage resources. Read-intensive workloads like AI and ML can be executed in parallel using ScoutAM.

Cloud Repatriation

Cloud repatriation is the shift away from public cloud providers and back to on-premise infrastructure. Since data collections greater than 5 petabytes are approximately five to 10 times less expensive to manage on-premise (depending on how much data is accessed), many sites are actively repatriating data. A successful cloud repatriation strategy requires a scalable, modular, highly efficient storage platform like ScoutAM.


Global telecommunications companies manage extreme-scale data collections and are subject to data retention and data preservation requirements. Versity offers specific solutions that meet the needs of telecommunications companies, like redundant data storage systems to ensure the viability of key data assets.

Case Studies

Pawsey leverages Versity for Mass Storage

Using Versity’s high performance and powerful capabilities to manage 150PBs of unstructured data, Pawsey was able to manage existing data and ingest huge amounts of new data while easily managing the massive Banksia data archive.

Versity deploys new 60 PB Mass Storage System for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications

The new storage system is driven by Versity’s next generation Scale Out Archive Manager (ScoutAM) platform. The system provides researchers with seamless access to archival data using open standard protocols and automates complex workflows while enabling responsive metadata searches and queries.

Storing objects at scale on tape

Versity helped a Fortune 20 global telecommunications and media company store its rapidly growing collection of object and file data while significantly reducing data storage costs. Our solution used ScoutAM to archive both objects and files to tape, enabling the company to create an on-premises, internal cloud service which employees throughout the organization can use to retrieve and store their data without interrupting workflows.

National climate agency selects VSM for archiving

Versity helped a national climate agency manage its large scale HPC climate data while meeting demanding archive performance requirements. Our solution used VSM to archive data from the existing Lustre filesystem to tape at over 12GB per second and 1PB per day, making it one of the most active high-performance archive solutions on the planet.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Modernizes Data Management to Support Capacity Demands and Usage

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) is a flagship campus of the University of Alaska system: a land, sea, and space grant university with locations throughout Alaska. With 9 academic schools and colleges, 35,000 alumni, and over $100 million in annual research funding, UAF produces vast amounts of data that must be efficiently stored for the longterm.

Global Banking Leader Selects Versity

A diversified global banking and financial services firm selected VSM to protect its mission critical financial data. The bank is a leading commercial bank focused on trade finance, business and institutional customers. Present in more than 60 countries around the world with over 50,000 employees, the volume of backup and archival data is  immense and growing rapidly.

Rise to the challenge

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