Why Versity?

A different approach to mass storage

Versity has a clear vision for the future of large-scale data management and is combining innovative technology with friendly business practices to deliver a radically improved experience for customers.

Business Model

Even the best solutions are not viable if they are prohibitively expensive. Versity employs a fully-transparent, cost-efficient, subscription business model with unlimited capacity for large sites, free updates, and free upgrades. Even the upgrade from VSM to ScoutAM is free. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Open-source formats

An open-source data format supports long-term data availability. Your data is freely accessible with or without access to Versity software. With Versity’s ScoutAM platform, even the metadata format and filesystem is open-source.

Advanced Technology

ScoutAM is a brand new solution to a set of requirements that have been evolving for the past 20+ years. Our modern scale-out architecture delivers both horizontal and vertical scalability. And ScoutAM is written in Go for efficient development, and the ability to take advantage of fast networks and multicore servers.

Simple Architecture

Simplicity and scalability go hand-in-hand. Versity is the only mass storage platform in the world that does not rely upon complex third-party database tools, like Cassandra, to manage crucial metadata services.

Migration Free

What good is a superior product if the cost of switching is prohibitive? Versity has eliminated the most significant barrier to change in the large archive and mass storage market by supporting multiple external formats, including HPSS, OHSM, and DMF. For the first time, it’s possible to switch vendors without migrating existing data.

Direct Support

What requires a large investment for a minimal return? Big company technical support. Versity provides technical support by linking customers directly with senior software engineers. We use flexible communication tools, like Slack, to diagnose and resolve support issues quickly and also for providing informal advice and guidance.

Hardware Agnostic

Versity can be deployed on virtually any server, block storage, or mass storage hardware, allowing customers to maintain autonomy, choice,  and control.

Get Powerful Technology with Minimal Complexity

Scalable. Modular. Efficient.
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