Archive with Intelligence

As technical advancements unlock new possibilities for data management, Versity works to ensure our customers are benefiting from the best that modern technology has to offer. Our scalable, modular and efficient mass storage system enables you to automatically store and manage massive volumes of archival data without losing the ability to analyze and interact with it.


ScoutAM ingests file and object data from primary data sources, establishes persistent metadata records, and automatically writes copies in parallel to a composable mix of low-cost storage devices and cloud services.

ScoutAM is built with an entirely new system architecture that uses scalable nodes and services to deliver high availability of data, with modular building blocks that can easily scale up performance. All of the nodes in a ScoutAM cluster deliver parallel data processing and scale out metadata services.

  • Simple but powerful tool to manage and preserve exponentially increasing collections of unstructured data
  • Handles exa-scale workloads without sacrificing ease of use, configuration and deployment
  • Uses industry-standard file and object protocols and data formats, so there’s no need for costly data migration


ScoutFS is an open source Linux clustered filesystem specifically created to support mass storage and archiving applications.

  • Suitable for extremely large namespaces, while enabling high-performance streaming reads and writes
  • Advanced indexing enables radically faster search results within large file and object populations

Versity Gateway

The Versity Gateway serves as a bridge between POSIX storage systems and applications that rely on S3 object interfaces. It is a High-Performance Open Source S3 to File Translation Tool

  • It enables applications to interact with file storage using familiar S3 operations like put and get, allowing for easy integration and compatibility
  • Designed to meet the community’s need for a reliable open source, high-performance object to file translation tool
  • The Versity Gateway is an Apache 2.0 open source project


Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is a large-scale archive data management tool for protecting extensive data collections on any mix of storage devices and cloud services.

  • Suitable for environments with up to 48 tape drives, 750 million files, and aggregate throughput of one petabyte per day
  • Zero-migration conversion from Oracle OHSM and other legacy systems, with full backward compatibility

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