In recent years, technologies emerged that enabled us to design a new system architecture. We created a scalable “nodes and services” architecture to deliver high availability, with modular building blocks that can be added to scale-up the platform’s performance.  All of the nodes in a ScoutAM cluster deliver parallel data processing and scale-out metadata services.

ScoutAM ingests file and object data from primary data sources, establishes persistent metadata records, and automatically writes copies in parallel to a composable mix of low-cost storage devices and cloud services. Throughput scales with the number of nodes.

ScoutFS is an open-source  Linux filesystem specifically created to support mass storage and archiving applications. Scale-out metadata services support extremely large namespaces, while enabling high-performance streaming reads and writes. ScoutFS metadata is compact and supports indexed attributes for radically faster search results within large file and object populations. 

Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is currently managing over one exabyte of data globally in some of the world’s most demanding storage environments.  Versity initially released VSM in 2013 after porting the Sun Microsystems’ open-source  SAM-QFS project to Linux.  VSM is suitable for environments with up to 48 tape drives, 750 million files, and aggregate throughput of one petabyte per day. 

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