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The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is a leader in computing, data, networking, and visualization research and services. Established in 1986 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, NCSA enables a diverse collective of scientists and engineers from around the world to run simulations that process and generate massive amounts of data. Scientists and researchers use a multitude of applications and programs that produce this deluge of data that needs to be effectively managed, stored, and accessed by a diverse set of users and stakeholders across the globe.

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  • Massive data volumes with different storage needs

  • Diverse data from varying global locations

  • Support for multiple workflows and data storage needs

  • Inability to access and use data

  • Complex and slow legacy data management


Versity enabled NCSA to archive large volumes of data at high speed with a scalable, high throughput file and S3 object archiving capability. NCSA launched the new Granite tape archive capable of storing up to 60PB of data that can support their diverse data storage and access needs. Versity’s powerful platform allowed for simple customization of archiving workflows, replication, scheduler management, and job prioritization, which dramatically improved management efficiency and freed time for the IT team to work on other projects. Moreover, utilizing Versity’s accounting features, the IT team can now track the usage and consumption of the Granite storage system and charge a proportionate amount to each customer group. Lastly, by enabling access to the Granite system directly via standard tools and protocols such as SCP, Globus, and S3, Versity unleashed collaboration and productivity for the scientists, who can now easily leverage the data in new ways and at higher speeds than ever before.


“Versity allowed us to modernize essential data services for our broad research community and can scale to our needs as they continue to evolve. We now have a future-proof solution to efficiently manage our scientific data.”

Christopher Heller, Program Manager


  • Scalable, high throughput file and S3 object archiving capability

  • Modular solution that easily scales up without change to the fundamental design of the system

  • S3 and Globus protocol support

  • Data usage and consumption statistics for financial accounting and archive as a service

  • Low storage cost per GB

  • Reduced management inefficiencies by 75%

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At Versity’s 2024 User Group Meeting, JD Maloney, Lead Storage Engineer at NCSA, gave an incredible talk about leveraging Versity’s ScoutAM for an Academic Active Research Archive.

Scientists constantly generate petabytes of data from an ever-growing range of instruments and sensors. JD outlined the necessity for a scalable, high-performance archive in this space. He gave an overview of NCSA’s Granite Tape Archive and how they leverage ScoutAM and Versity Gateway to manage their data.

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