The University of Alaska Fairbanks Modernizes Data Management to Support Capacity Demands and Usage

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The University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) is a flagship campus of the University of Alaska system, which is a land, sea, and space grant university with locations throughout Alaska. With nine academic schools and colleges, 35,000 alumni, and over $100 million in annual research funding, UAF produces vast amounts of data that must be efficiently stored for the long term. As the principal research center for the statewide university system, the university has several different internal departments with diverse storage needs and budget constraints. The UAF IT team was running legacy solutions that were inhibiting the university’s research efforts. To effectively manage the massive and diverse volumes of data, the team recognized the need for a modern, high-performing, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution.

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  • Costly, inefficient legacy data management solution

  • Diverse data from various research projects

  • Inability to track usage among departments

  • No visibility into storage quotas


Versity was able to take over UAF’s existing system with no data migration, which eliminated the most significant barrier to their modernization project and ended inefficiencies imposed by legacy solutions. The IT team simply dumped metadata from an existing Solaris server and then restored it onto a new Linux server running the Versity platform. The transition from Oracle HSM to Versity was completed in a few hours. The team was very pleased they didn’t lose any functionality from their existing solution and, in fact, gained visibility into their data and the storage quota and chargeback features they were seeking.


“The ability to take over data on tape and integrate into our filesystem was really important. Versity enabled us to move without time lost on migrating data and has in fact saved us money on the total solution.”

Bob Torgerson, HPC Analyst, UAF Supercomputer Center


  • Converted to Versity from OHSM/SAM-QFS in hours

  • Replaced Solaris with Linux

  • Got visibility into data

  • Reported on storage consumption

  • Achieved low TCO for archival

  • Moved to subscription business model

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