An extreme scale archiving filesystem

As part of our modern scalable archiving product VSM2, Versity has developed a scale out filesystem designed to handle the metadata workloads of the future.


ScoutFS is a POSIX, scale out, open source GPL, in kernel, block file system designed specifically for archiving. Metadata is processed on all nodes or a sub set of nodes in a VSM2 cluster. There is no central metadata controller nor any single point of failure. ScoutFS introduces many outstanding new capabilities by radically increasing the number of POSIX files that can be reliably maintained in a single namespace. 

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Querying Metadata

Accelerated Query Interface (AQI)

Indexes are queryable from a built in interface.



The ScoutFS filesystem allows for near-instant queries to the filesystem.


ScoutFS vs XFS - notice how the time to find files is flat on ScoutFS, it doesn't grow with the number of files in the system.


VSM 2.0

For more information on how Versity will use ScoutFS in our next generation scalable archiving product:


If you're asking why we built a new filesystem instead of trying use an existing one, see this blog post.


Open Source

Community site: 


Github site: https://github.com/versity/scoutfs-kmod-dev, patches or contributions welcome.



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