Enjoy the benefits of cloud scale economics with air-gapped on-premises solution

Versity’s ScoutAM integration with Rubrik’s NAS Cloud Direct allows you to archive petabyte scale backups with GB/s throughput to cost-efficient media. Versity’s modular architecture expands to meet your storage needs while advanced metadata search and indexing enable fast, low-friction data access and retrieval.

Cyber Resilient

Air-gapped, immutable backups with credential isolation to thwart ransomware

Built for scale

Manage billions of files and hard links

Hybrid Tape 

Manage tape and object storage from a single, intuitive interface

Reference Architecture

Diagram of workflow for Rubrik backup data to Versity's ScoutAM

Key Benefits

Cost-efficient cold storage for backups

Manage and protect your backup collection with the scale and economics you need 

High-performance tape

Archive backups with GB/s throughput utilizing multiple drives in parallel, which results in high-performance throughput to cost-efficient media

Easy to deploy and manage

Install and deploy in a matter of hours with VM-based backups and RPM-installed archive


Quickly and easily index and locate data with a simplified workflow that creates a highly scalable archive solution

Rise to the Challenge

Connect with Versity today to find out how we can tailor a solution to keep your organization’s data safe and accessible as you advance your mission.