The end of OHSM – What it means for Oracle sites and the archival storage market in general.

Last week, Oracle officially announced End of Sale for OHSM at the 2019 DLR HSM User Conference in Neustrelitz, Germany …

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End to End Data Integrity with User Supplied Checksums

Versity Storage Manager is an archiving platform intended for long term data storage and preservation. Often files are stored in …

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ScoutFS Accelerated Query Interface (AQI) demo

ScoutFS is a new open source scalable clustered file system designed and implemented for archiving large data sets to low cost …

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Versity open sources ScoutFS

Versity has big news – today we open sourced our next generation archiving filesystem, ScoutFS. Background As large archive sites around …

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Data Integrity Checksums

Versity’s most recent VSM 1.6.0 release introduces several new types of checksum algorithms, which are used to ensure data correctness. It inspired …

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Designing a high performance tape archive

Tape storage systems have a reputation for being slow, difficult to manage, and in some circles tape storage is considered …

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