Store More, Do More

Turn data storage challenges into competitive advantages. Versity specializes in building mass storage solutions that give you clarity and control over your archival storage, so you can allocate more resources to your core mission.

Efficient Mass Storage for Cloud-Scale Data Collections

Unstructured data collections generated by IoT, scientific, engineering, media, surveillance and AI applications are growing exponentially, stressing traditional storage architectures and IT budgets. Versity and Dell are here to help by providing a simple, powerful and cost efficient tool to manage and preserve large pools of unstructured data.

Find out how you can leverage Versity’s next-generation mass storage platform with Dell’s world-class server and storage offerings.

Archive with Intelligence

Versity’s scalable, modular and efficient mass storage system enables you to automatically store and manage huge volumes of archival data without losing the ability to explore and interact with metadata.

Simple to Use, Built to Last

Our systems are technically advanced, but easy to use. As your organization’s needs change, Versity evolves with you – bringing you a long-term data management solution designed for modular expandability.

Technical Innovation

In the complex and rapidly evolving world of mass storage, we keep our customers at the leading edge of functionality, performance and usability.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden surprises in our pricing model. We employ a fully transparent and cost-efficient pricing model with unlimited capacity for large sites.

Commodity Hardware

We build software that enhances the capabilities of commodity hardware systems and cloud services, giving customers the power to choose and the option to change.

Rise to the Challenge

Connect with Versity today to find out how we can tailor a solution to keep your organization’s data safe and accessible as you advance your mission.