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Versity GPL open source scale out archiving filesystem


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About Versity

Versity Software is the leading independent large archive software company focused on building scalable data storage solutions by aggressively investing in new technology. Versity's customer friendly business model, exclusive focus on archiving, highly rated customer support and efficient pricing sets us apart from the legacy archive vendors. Discover what its like to love your archive solution!

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Read what customers are saying about Versity and VSM
Bob Torgerson; UAF
"Support has been stellar!" The team has been knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful. The ability to take over data on tape and integrate into our filesystem was really important. Versity enabled us to move without time lost on migrating data, and has in fact saved us money on the total solution."
Sr. Infrastructure Engineer; Global Banking Leader
"Versity enabled us to keep our workflow exactly the same while dramatically increasing performance and reducing the number of tape drives, which saved us headaches and money!"
Gregory Servos; Ovation Data
"Versity is one of our most trusted, responsive, and strategic vendors, managing our high value data assets on both tape and object storage systems. We have tried every storage systems on the market and we love Versity Storage Manager. It's a well engineered product from a well run company."
Sr. Systems Admin; Life Sciences Institute
"VSM works really well! Very stable and excellent functionality. We appreciate the S3 interface that we use to send a copy of our data to a data center 300 km away."