The future of mass storage

Manage and protect your file and object data collections with a powerful and user-friendly mass storage platform built to deliver the performance you want with the cloud-scale economics you need.


Versity’s Scale-out Archive Manager (ScoutAM) is a scalable, modular, and efficient software-defined mass-storage platform for protecting and managing petabyte to exabyte-scale data collections. ScoutAM ingests file and object data from primary data sources, establishes persistent metadata records, and automatically brokers that data to a composable mix of low-cost mass storage devices and services such as public cloud, private cloud, disk, and tape storage systems.

Why Versity

Open Source

Versity is the only vendor in its class with an open-source data format
and an open-source filesystem.

Advanced Technology

Versity’s next-generation ScoutAM platform delivers maximum scalability with minimal complexity.


ScoutAM includes new features that enable easy conversion from legacy platforms without costly and time-consuming data migrations.

Versity’s all-new ScoutAM platform is the first fully modular, scalable mass storage solution to address the need for efficient management and the preservation of exponentially increasing collections of unstructured data. ScoutAM delivers maximum scalability with minimal complexity.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, high-performance computing, financial services, oil and gas exploration, media and entertainment, telecommunications, geospatial, life sciences, Bio-IT, and national security organizations all use Versity to manage and protect their most important data assets with cloud-scale efficiency.

“Versity is our most trusted, responsive, and strategic vendor. They manage our high-value data assets on hybrid cloud infrastructure, providing us with fast time to first byte on object storage and long term data integrity on tape. We have explored every single storage system on the market, and we love Versity. It’s a well-engineered product from a well-run company.”

Gregory Servos, CEO, OvationData

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