No long-term storage contracts.

Our Values

We are keepers not kidnappers.

We’ll earn your business every month, not trap you with a clever contract.

We are 100% independent.

We’re free to make our decisions, based on what’s best for our customers.

We are agile.

We’re a bureaucracy-free zone. We’re fast, responsive and dedicated to rapid product evolution.

We are sustainable.

We’ve got a clear, self-sustaining business model. We know that you depend on your storage software, so we’re building a solid long-term business platform.

We value your trust.

We understand why IT vendors make users cynical with their business practices. That’s why we believe earning your trust is the most important thing we can do. 

Our Founders

Bruce Gilpin

- Founder & CEO

Bruce is the CEO of Versity Software, and a Director of electric vehicle maker Brammo, Inc. As the CEO of Versity, Bruce oversees sales and marketing, finance, legal, administration and corporate strategy. Bruce works closely with Versity customers and partners to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships. Prior to Versity, Bruce held senior corporate development, strategy, finance, and operational management positions with Internet and Mobile software companies including USWeb/CKS, Intend Change, and MobiTV. Bruce is an active private company advisor and investor.

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Harriet Coverston

- Founder & CTO

Harriet is the CTO of Versity Software and a veteran technology development executive. As the CTO of Versity, Harriet oversees product strategy, software development, software testing, and support. Harriet's software design and architecture skills combined with her ability to write software code have made her a legend in the high performance data storage and archiving fields. If there is a problem that Harriet can't solve, we have not found it yet. Prior to Versity, Harriet held senior technical roles at Sun Microsystems, Large Storage Configurations, and Control Data Corporation.

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Our Company

Versity Software is a private, founder controlled company headquartered in San Francisco with no venture capital financing.