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Versity has you covered.

Seven years ago, Harriet Coverston began porting SAM-QFS to Linux.  Five years ago Versity deployed the 1.0 release of VSM on Linux for our first paying customer.  Since then, the company has grown stronger every day.  Versity is currently managing over 1 Exabyte of archival data for large customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, and India.  VSM has evolved and improved with dozens of software releases.  Versity has a long term business plan and it's mission is to develop and support the world's most advanced large scale archiving technologies. 

Replacing SAM-QFS or OHSM with Versity Storage Manager is easy.

No data migration required!

If your organization is facing end of life for OHSM or your Solaris infrastructure, you can move to a more friendly HSM vendor and easily switch from SAM-QFS or OHSM. VSM can restore SAM-QFS or OHSM dump files and immediately begin reading and writing data on existing tape or disk systems.  That's right, you can adopt a better solution and save money with no data migration

Easy Conversion Med
How it works

VSM, SAM-QFS, and Oracle HSM store metadata separately from archived data. This metadata maintains all of the information about file archive status, location, number of copies, and  other items such as when the file was archived. The "samfsdump" utility writes out all of the metadata so that it can be backed up, or in this case used to switch to a new system. The VSM "samfsrestore" command ingests the metadata information allowing VSM to read existing files and write new ones.

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OHSM to VSM Conversion Case Study - University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Read this case study to learn about how University of Alaska Fairbanks chose Versity Storage Manager (VSM) to archive their data, replacing OHSM / Sam-QFS.

UAF Case Study2
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Why Versity Storage Manager?

Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is a next generation large scale archive data management tool for cost effectively protecting massive data collections on any mix of storage devices and cloud services. 

VSM interfaces with existing enterprise business applications and backup solutions through a standard POSIX file system interface, making it easy to expose low cost archival storage resources to end users. Rich and flexible archive policies optimize the flow of data both in and out of cloud storage services and archival storage devices such as tape libraries, disk arrays, and on premise object storage systems. VSM's ability to broker data across a diverse mix of archival storage systems enables customers to optimize performance, reliability, and cost factors for different types of data and different users while always maintaining independence from storage hardware vendors and cloud providers. 

VSM is engineered for maximum utilization of storage and networking hardware. Our customers use VSM to read and write Petabytes of archival data per day.  With advanced technology, friendly business practices, and responsive customer support, Versity is an archiving solution you can love!

Easy Switching.

A simple dump and restore and your SAM-QFS or OHSM system is up and running. No data migration, no costly professional services.

Lowest total cost of ownership.

Up to 10 times less expensive than archival cloud storage. VSM delivers data center scale technology enabling on site deployment of the lowest cost storage - tape and object. 

High throughput.

Extremely large and active data collections require very high reading and writing throughput rates. VSM works in GB/s not MB/s. Busy Versity sites can move up to 1PB of data per day under real world conditions.

Data protection.

Multiple copies written to different media with optional offline "air gap" copies provide the ultimate data protection scenario. Data fixity features ensure that even tiny errors are recognized and remediated for long term data preservation.

Trusted and proven.

VSM was commercially deployed in 2013 and is currently managing over one Exabyte of mission critical data across a wide range of industry verticals. Customers range in size from small enterprise to the Fortune 10.

Where POSIX meets object.

If you are ready to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of object storage but your applications are POSIX, then we can help. VSM presents a traditional POSIX front end interface but is capable of archiving to object storage with sustained high throughput rates. Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud are all available with VSM.

About VSM

VSM was commercially launched in 2013 and is Versity's flagship product, VSM1 has been established as a leading large scale archive management tool supporting sustained throughput of of up to 12GB/s (1 petabyte per day) under real world conditions. VSM has been deployed globally in nearly every significant archive industry vertical and across sites ranging in size from Fortune 10 to small research sites. The technology behind VSM was based on Sun Microsystem's open source SAM-QFS product. Versity ported SAM-QFS to Linux, assembled a team of leading archive storage experts, released dozens of incremental improvements including adding support for object storage and has been rapidly evolving and advancing the product for over five years.

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Versity is continuing to invest in archiving technology and is developing a new product, VSM2, focused on solving problems for customers who need more than 1B files in a single namespace or true scale out performance.

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