World class Support


Private channel

+(415) 723-0949

Versity engineering experts are there for you without cumbersome escalation paths.

In addition to traditional email and phone support, each customer is given a dedicated private Slack channel to use for formal as well as informal questions and technical support. The Slack channels are staffed by Versity's core engineering teams, who have the knowledge and ability to diagnose and address issues.

Versity's direct engineering support model benefits customers and Versity because;

  • Engineers gain real world feedback about how people use the software
  • Engineers gain quick feedback on software bugs and play a direct role in resolving them which leads to higher quality code and constantly improving test coverage
  • Customers don't waste time navigating through call center escalation procedures
  • Customers get fast resolution and develop relationships with developers

Whether you have a question, feature request, support issue, or just want to chat about long term data preservation - we will always be available to talk to you!