How it works

Archiving big data with the lowest TCO

Versity enables organizations to use a single easy to use and understand interface to archive data to any combination of commodity hardware, resulting in the lowest TCO in the industry. Any combination of tape, object, and even file with any number of copies are no problem for this system. With performance that will saturate the hardware, a scalable namespace that can handle up to a trillion files, and friendly business practices, you'll finally have an archiving system you can love!

How Versity Works

Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is a comprehensive software solution that automates archiving to commodity hardware including tape, disk, on premise object storage, and cloud storage. Data is moved from customer systems such as GPFS, NetApp, & Lustre, into VSM where it is packaged efficiently, and then automatically archived to commodity hardware according to policy. The archive software features a standard POSIX interface and NFS/SMB are supported, so it is easy for Mac, Linux, Windows, Globus, and web clients to access archived data. The VSM product is comprised of two main components: the Intelligent Cache™, and the Archive Engine™. Together these components efficiently package and group archive data, and then send it to the specified archive media according to rich policies which are configured by the administrator.


VSM attributes include:

Files are containerized into GNU TAR files for read/write efficiency

  • Files are grouped intelligently by user, group, media type, file type, and size
  • Groups are optimized by size, destination, media target, and number of copies
  • Copies are written to archive storage media in fast data streams as files or   objects
  • Metadata remains online for search, browsing, and application use in the iCache file system
  • Objects appear as standard POSIX files - no need to modify or rewrite existing enterprise applications
  • Staging activity is fully automated and transparent to applications
  • Stage order is set by policy, favoring the copy on the fastest storage media
  • Individual files or objects may be read back from within groups and from within TAR containers
  • Stage workloads are sorted and optimized to enable efficient media handling and maximum throughput
  • Cache space is managed between high and low thresholds
  • Archived files are intelligently released (removed) from the Cache
  • Release priorities are configurable for optimal performance (size, itime, rtime, mtime)
  • Archive and Stage resources may be reserved for specific workloads
  • Storage resources may be reserved or prioritized for archiving or staging
  • Recycling is a background process for reclaiming unused space on storage media

The Versity Archive Fabric ModuleTM, which is included with VSM, analyzes any file system and provides analysis useful for determining data that could be archived, and helps move the data to the VSM cache.

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