How it works

Archiving big data with the lowest TCO

Versity enables organizations to use a single standard file system interface to archive large data collections at the lowest possible cost. With performance that will saturate the hardware, a scalable namespace that can handle up to one trillion files, excellent and highly accessible support, and friendly business practices, this is an archiving system you can love!

How It Works

Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is a comprehensive software platform that automates the process of storing and retrieving archival data.  VSM creates copies and writes them to ultra low cost mass storage media and services including tape, disk, optical, on premise object storage, and public cloud storage. Data is moved from primary storage systems such as Pure, NetApp, GPFS, & Lustre, to VSM where it is packaged efficiently, and then automatically archived to long term storage media according to a defined set of policies. The archive software features a standard POSIX file interface and is compatible with both NFS and SMB  so it is easy for Mac, Linux, Windows, Globus, web clients, or any POSIX compliant application or tool to seamlessly access archived data. The VSM product is comprised of two main components: the Intelligent Cache™, and the Archive Engine™. Together these components efficiently package and group incoming data, and then send copies to the specified archival media according to rich policies which are configured by the administrator.








The Versity Archive Fabric ModuleTM, which is included with VSM, analyzes any file system and provides an analysis that is useful for determining what data is a strong candidate for archiving, and moves the data to the VSM cache.

Easily replace existing archive system with no data migration


If your organization is facing end of life for OHSM or your Solaris infrastructure, you can move to a more friendly HSM vendor and easily switch from SAM-QFS or OHSM. VSM can restore SAM-QFS or OHSM dump files and immediately begin reading and writing data on existing tape or disk systems. That's right, you can adopt a better solution with no data migration.

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Technical Details


Software requirements

RHEL or CentOS Linux 6.6 or greater.


Hardware requirements

The following hardware and infrastructure is required to deploy VSM1. It can either be customer provided or we can work with the reseller of your choice to provide a turnkey solution.


Tape and Library Compatibility

We support every model of LTO drive from all vendors and all generations of enterprise drives from Oracle & IBM.  We support all IBM, Spectra, and Oracle tape libraries including the SL-8500's. We support ACSLS.

For a detailed list of tapes and libraries, see our VSM Compatibility Guide.



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