The cloud scale solution for managing large archives.

Versity Storage Manager (VSM) is a next generation large scale archive data management tool for cost effectively protecting massive data collections on any mix of storage devices and cloud services. 

VSM interfaces with existing enterprise business applications and backup solutions through a standard POSIX file system interface, making it easy to expose low cost archival storage resources to end users. Rich and flexible archive policies optimize the flow of data both in and out of cloud storage services and archival storage devices such as tape libraries, disk arrays, and on premise object storage systems. VSM's ability to broker data across a diverse mix of archival storage systems enables customers to optimize performance, reliability, and cost factors for different types of data and different users while always maintaining independence from storage hardware vendors and cloud providers. 

VSM is engineered for maximum utilization of storage and networking hardware. Our customers use VSM to read and write Petabytes of archival data per day.  With advanced technology, friendly business practices, and responsive customer support, Versity is an archiving solution you can love!



Why Versity Storage Manager?


Data protection.

Multiple copies written to different media with optional offline "air gap" copies provide the ultimate data protection scenario. Data fixity features ensure that even tiny errors are recognized and remediated for long term data preservation.

Lowest total cost of ownership.

Up to 10 times less expensive than archival cloud storage. VSM delivers data center scale technology enabling on site deployment of the lowest cost storage - tape and object. 

Trusted and proven.

VSM was commercially deployed in 2013 and is currently managing hundreds of Petabytes of mission critical data across a wide range of industry verticals. Customers range in size from small enterprise to the Fortune 10.

High throughput.

Extremely large and active data collections require very high reading and writing throughput rates. VSM works in GB/s not MB/s. Busy Versity sites can move up to 1PB of data per day under real world conditions.

Real scale out.

Versity's upcoming VSM 2.0 release features a brand new "nodes and services" architecture including scale out metadata and archiving services. For the first time, 1 Trillion files in a namespace will be possible. Other systems feature scale out san clients tied to a central metadata controller (fake scale out). 

Where POSIX meets object.

If you are ready to take advantage of the speed and efficiency of object storage but your applications are POSIX, then we can help. VSM presents a traditional POSIX front end interface but is capable of archiving to object storage with sustained high throughput rates. Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud are all available with VSM.



    • Optimal file grouping for performance
    • Object and File capable
    • Aggregated, searchable namespace
    • Fully automated with rich policies
    • Automatic cache management
    • Easy optimal reads
    • Reclaim space automatically
    • Resourced by workload
    • Worm
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The VSM Product Family


An Evolution
VSM1 was commercially launched in 2013 and is Versity's flagship product. VSM1 has been established as a leading large scale archive management tool supporting sustained throughput of of up to 12GB/s (1 petabyte per day) under real world conditions. VSM1 has been deployed globally in nearly every significant archive industry vertical and across sites ranging in size from Fortune 10 to small research sites. The technology behind VSM1 was based on Sun Microsystem's open source SAM-QFS product. Versity ported SAM-QFS to Linux, assembled a team of leading archive storage experts, released dozens of incremental improvements including adding support for object storage and has been rapidly evolving and advancing the product for over five years.

Followed by a Revolution!

VSM2 is Versity's revolutionary next generation scale out archiving product and is currently in the pre-beta phase of development. VSM2 is utilizing a completely new filesystem built by Versity from scratch to address the exascale archiving requirements that are materializing over the next decade. The design challenge for VSM2 was to create a product capable of routinely managing and archiving tens or even hundreds of billions of files within a POSIX namespace that could ultimately scale to a capacity of 1 trillion files.

The aggressive design goals for VSM2 required a radical shift from the traditional and ubiquitous server centric HSM architecture (pictured below) featuring a central metadata server or metadata controller orchestrating file system operations and archiving work. In this architecture, the central metadata controller is the architectural bottleneck as well as a single point of failure. While SAN clients may be added to increase IO to shared storage, the overall system does not scale beyond certain limits.

VSM1 and traditional HSM architecture   

VSM architecture


VSM2 moves from the central server architecture to a full scale out "nodes and services" architecture where the throughput and performance of the system scales by adding nodes to the cluster. Each node in the cluster shares work including file system metadata processing, and there is no longer any single point of failure.

VSM2 next generation scale out archive data broker

VSM2 scale out architecture


VSM2 Components - ScoutFS and ScoutAM

The VSM2 platform is comprised of two primary components. The first is an open source scale out archiving file system called ScoutFS, and the second is a scale out userland application called Scout Archive Manager (ScoutAM). The two components work together to deliver file create rates, parallel archiving, find operations, and other archival work with vastly improved speed and efficiency.

ScoutFS is a POSIX, scale out, open source GPL, in kernel, block file system designed specifically for archiving. Metadata is processed on all nodes or a sub set of nodes in a VSM2 cluster. There is no central metadata controller nor any single point of failure. ScoutFS introduces many outstanding new capabilities by radically increasing the number of POSIX files that can reliably be maintained in a single namespace. 

VSM2 ScoutFS scale out filesystem

ScoutAM is a next generation scale out data broker designed to replace traditional HSM applications and deliver the ability to meet exascale archiving requirements where tens or hundreds of billions of files are rapidly moving in and out of archival storage systems. ScoutAM provides cloud scale services by intelligently spreading work among compute nodes and saturating available storage devices. With ScoutAM, the application of policies, packaging of work, and execution of archive jobs is packetized, and executed in parallel utilizing all available node resources.   


VSM2 Scale Out Data Broker:

  • Moves beyond the traditional limitations of HSM products.
  • Built for exascale workloads.
  • Parallel, fast, and scalable.
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