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Versity Archive Fabric Module™

Powerful Data Movement and Analysis

Versity’s Archive Fabric Module™ (AFM) is a powerful data mover that can efficiently move data into archival storage and help free up valuable space on primary storage systems. AFM accomplishes work with with two easy to use functions: identification and movement. 

The AFM utility analyzes and provides information on external filesystems, identifying infrequently used data sets that are strong candidates for archiving. A browser based report presents statistics based on file age, access time, modification time, and other file attributes. This information helps the users or admininstrators identify data that should be moved to the archive tier.  AFM also orchestrates the movement of data from primary storage systems to archival storage systems.

  • Included with VSM subscription
  • Written in efficient 'go' language
  • Multithreaded
AFM is a convenient and efficient tool for moving data from an external filesystem into a Versity managed archive. It can move data in one of three modes:
Invisible Mode

Moves data to the archive transparently, leaving behind the original namespace by using symbolic links.

Mover Mode

Moves data to the archive, performs integrity validation, confirms archive copies then deletes source data.

Replication Mode

Copies all data to a second location for disaster recovery - namespace and data replication.

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