One monthly fee

Versity products are sold by subscription. One monthly fee covers software licensing and support including all minor and major updates and upgrades forever.

Versity establishes a base subscription fee based upon a holistic site evaluation of key site  characteristics including total archive capacity, projected capacity growth rates, number of files, locations, support requirements, security requirements, and performance requirements.  


The base subscription fee is increase annually by a predetermined and fixed percentage called the "annual growth factor", this percentage increase is permanently locked at the beginning of the subscription period and does not increase or change as the quantity of archival storage increases. As a result, Versity customers are able to benefit from declining costs per PB as their archives grow. 


The Versity subscription pricing method is 100% deterministic, allowing customers to fully understand their storage software costs in advance. Versity customers never have to worry about convoluted or changing pricing models. We don't count cores, nodes, seats, or petabytes. No surprises, no gimmicks, no wasted time!

Pricing FAQ

Find common pricing questions and answers.
Does Versity offer a free evaluation license for PoC's or trials?
Yes! Contact Us for a free evaluation license to get started.
What if I want to pay quarterly or annually?
Versity provides monthly subscription pricing but customers are free to pay quarterly, annually, or several years in advance.
What is your cancellation policy?
All Versity contracts may be cancelled by the customer with a simple 30 day notice. 
Can I read my data without your software?
Yes! Versity stores data in the open source  (GNUtar) format - you can read your data with or without Versity software.
Can you tell me exactly what my price will be in X years?
Yes!  We can tell you your future price because our pricing is not capacity based once the subscription has started.