1. When was VSM Version 1.0 be released?

    VSM 1.0 Was released on March 1, 2014.

  2. Is Versity gaining acceptance in the market with significant customer deployments?

    Yes, Versity has a rapidly growing customer base in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and is currently managing over 200 Petabytes at various customer sites.

  3. Which Linux distributions are supported?

    VSM Release 1.0 will be available on Redhat Linux, and CentOS

  4. Which tape libraries and tape drives are supported?

    Versity supports tape libraries from Spectra Logic, StorageTek, IBM, and Quantum. Versity supports LTO 4,5, and 6 tape drives, StorageTek Titan A, B, and C drives, and IBM 3592 drives. 

  5. What is the migration procedure?

    From SAM-QFS, the migration commands are samfsdump, sammkfs, samfsrestore. From other HSM’s, data migration is required.

  6. Is VSM an open source product?

    No, VSM is an open core product. VSM incorporates open source software but VSM is a proprietary product requiring a license from Versity Software.

  7. What is the licensing and pricing model for VSM?

    VSM is a subscription software product. The license and support are bundled together in one monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. Versity does not offer a perpetual software license. Pricing is based upon archive size - small, medium, large, and mega.

  8. Who controls Versity?

    Versity is an independent company controlled by it’s founders.